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Diode LED

Factory Training 2024

See It First Hand

Diode LED makes LED lighting simple. As the leading manufacturer of tape light and related products in North America, we are committed to building as much as possible in the United States. Our skilled Engineering and Manufacturing teams employ state-of-the-art machines in our factory as well as our fully-equipped engineering and quality assurance labs. 

By designing, engineering, and manufacturing our own products, we control the quality and consistency of our products to a degree that others cannot match. This allows us to offer the longest warranties and fastest lead times in the industry.

We pride ourselves equally on exceptional customer service and technical support.

What to Expect

Seeing is believing! We want you to see what we’re building here in Reno, Nevada. Touring our headquarters and factory will show you first-hand what makes us different from others in the industry.

You will learn about our premiere and specialty products, and even get a sneak peak of what is to come. You will spend time with our product in hand learning how it is made, what makes it unique, and how to design common applications.

As there are so many ways to light up a space with linear LED lighting, we want to help you become familiar and confident using linear LED lighting in your most common applications.

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Standard Training

Diode LED has hosted training sessions in Reno, Nevada for several years. Our target audiences have included Distributors, Sales Rep Agencies, Contractors, and Specifiers. These training sessions aim to demonstrate what we cannot show you in the field. More than anything, we aim to educate you on the what, how, and why of tape light – so you can emerge empowered to use tape light everywhere, with confidence.


  • Company Overview
    History of Elemental LED, Technology and Patents, and true manufacturing in the USA.
  • Reno Office Location Tour
    Tour of the facilities including interaction with our internal teams as well as a stop at our engineering lab.
  • Factory Tour
    You will see our manufacturing process, automation capabilities, advanced assembly, base product manufacturing, and more.
  • Common Lighting Terminology
    CRI, TM30 Method, R Values, Gamut & Fidelity, Ambient vs. Accent vs. Task, IP Ratings, Watts vs. Lumens vs. Foot-Candles
  • Product Overview
    Summary and training on flagship products with an emphasis on recently released products
  • Real World Design
    Showcasing how our tiered product line provides a solution for common applications. 
  • Stump Your Trainer
    Submit complex applications that the group will collaborate on to decide the best Diode LED products for each one. The goal is to choose applications that will stump your trainer. 
  • Color Changing 101
    Overview of the main color changing control systems and how to correctly specify each one to meet your application needs.

This agenda is subject to change. 

Advanced - Class 1


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